Birta in Buenos Aires…

Sigrun Birta Vidarsdottir – I am a 22 year old Icelander, a LPCUWC and Middlebury graduate, celebrating my new found freedom in Costa Rica. Despite the unorderly nature of my being… the result of too much freedom… the plan is to write here regularly!





Siggi – the Admin Genius – again, given the unorderly nature of my being, it is Siggi who makes sense of the stuff I want to, but fail to, put on the website in a proper functional manner… he is very much looking forward to helping me out with putting in some videos and audio and interactive features and animations and forums.

2 responses to “About

  1. Sæl Sigrún,

    hvert er heimilisfangið þitt í Costa Rica? Við ætlum að senda þér smá jólagjöf frá Amnesty.



  2. Hi Birta,

    I randomly came across your website. I am also a graduate of the LPCUWC (1999) and will be going to study at UPEACE this coming fall (next week, to be exact!). It’s nice to see that there is a LPCer out there! Are you still in Costa Rica?



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