One response to “Random party pics

  1. While my Finnish friend Lisa and former custome designer had backed out of our elaborate plans to write an article for some fancy publication, my office mate Ross and I headed to MultiPlaza to find something to wear for Halloween… I bought a camera and Ross got some golden Bling-bling and the most expensive sweater he has ever bought. I found nothing in Multiplaza but fortunately, Yoko, a Japanese student lent me her kimono and I dressed up like a Geisha… supposedly a high class prostitute but I was wearing white watercolors in my face which is not exactly high class. Mohit, my boss, at another party, was worse than me though… his disguise was a “flasher”… imagine that… he was wearing a big coat and kept on flashing people – but of course he was wearing clothes (a picture of a naked statue) underneath.

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