UPMUNC – Model United Nations

UPMUNC planning and preparation – professional indeed

Discussing procedures and pizza toppings

Yes… it’s all about Peace!

Amr – the Academic rector, Adriana – the UPMUNC Secretary General and the Iranian Professor Reza Eslami

The Embassy of the Netherlands provided the wine for the Diplomatic Reception and we had several embassadors show up

My fellow chair Ana and great supporter Tonieh

Karen – all the way from Mexico for UPMUNC

On the way home after the Diplomatic Reception

Esthee was kidnapped by some crazy wanna-be-Bangladeshi Canadian (Icelandic speaking breakdancer)  

so we accepted their kind offer of a tea party at the Pakistani headquarters

After missing the Diplomatic Reception, Afghanistan joined in the UPMUNC with full force

The Peacebuilding Commission

Varghese (India) was representing Pakistan while Usman (Pakistan) was representing India. Strangely, a little out of character… Pakistan suggested dedicating the session to Gandhi and having a two minute silence in his honor… later we would have all sorts of religious and other “culturally sensitive” motions

The Bangladeshi, Japanese and Italian representatives discussing the breaking news of a hostage situation in Afghanistan

France cooperating with the Afghani government

 Germany coordinating the action

The USA and UK secretly plotting Afghanistan’s destiny

Norway and China united over Afghanistan

Bangladesh expressing himself to no avail – it would be an international intervention not an Islamic one

 UPEACE professors support poppy farmers in Afghanistan!

The professors engaged in a loud and aggressive protest before being physically removed by UPEACE Security guards on the orders of the UPMUNC Secretary General 

Adriana, the UPMUNC Secretary General, notifying the Peacebuilding Commission that some 3000 US soldiers had left US command forming a rebel force with Afghani forces and trying to safe the hostages from the Talibans who were trying to flee to Pakistan… later we had a videoconference with Leutinant Patterson who announced that they had all the helicopters, weaponary and information necessary to independently undertake this mission and that they were doing it because the Peacebuilding Commission still had not been able to create peace in Afghanistan. Things were getting a little surreal and absurd…

The BBC reporter faithfully reported on the Committee’s activities…

while CNN in an exclusive interview with Leutinant Patterson somehow understood that Patterson was in Afghanistan trying to safe his mother… never trust CNN – they love drama!

The Afghani, Pakistani and US delegates preparing to report to the Security Council on  how to create peace in Afghanistan, stop Patterson and safe the hostages.

Of course peace was created in Afghanistan in the end to the Afghani government’s great satisfaction

Some of the Peacebuilding Commission Delegates

Some of the organizers

The way home

Paul and Oscar


The Welcome Mat:)

The UPEACE Mission Statement

World Peace and Harmony? Hippies?

UPEACE Photo Day!

Marina with a pastel de mil hojas – delicious!

Flora and her faithful dog the administration keeps on trying to block from campus

Amr (Egypt) – the Academic Rector – with Victoria’s baby girl

The International Law professors – Gudmundur – the Icelandic – is the tall one

UPEACE Theatre of the Oppressed

My wild kitten – Guapo!