Flores and Santa Elena, Guatemala

My hostel in Flores – Los Amigos

 Inside Los Amigos – it was packed with tourists, hammocks, plants, candlelights and great food and drinks

The French from Montreal

Somehow the gave me enough food to feed a whole family!

 The streets of Flores

Crossing from Flores over to Santa Elena

 Looking back to the little island of Flores… Flores is located in the middle of a small lake and consists solely of hotels, restaurants and tourist shops. There’s not a single supermarket, the only food shop sells snacks only.

The market in Santa Elena. Someone cooking soup! There were actually carrots in the water in that thing… I stood there for a while but noone came to sell me soup… 

I got a cowboy hat in the market in Santa Elena…

… and one of the bargaining tourist shop guys in Flores tried to buy it from me:)

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