Dove – Corporate Social Responsibility

Does this really count as corporate social responsibility? To me, Corporate Social Responsibility is not necessarily about companies caring about saving the world… they may be all about profit for all I care as long as their efforts to generate profit are mutually beneficial to the environment and the people around. People’s criticisms focus a lot on how Dove is not really socially responsible as they will be generating profit but companies are also held accountable to their shareholders… when a company develops a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, it does not mark the departure from being a corporation to being a non-profit, they’re mission is still profit but their harmful effects are diminished.

2 responses to “Dove – Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. Kæra Sigrún,

    Láttu okkur vita hvar þú býrð, okkur vantar heimilisfangið þitt.

    Torfi og Jóhanna

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