Last week´s snapshots

 I love my new camera!  Obviously I still need to work out a better way to present them here…. daddy?

Ross and I share a huge-ass office and chess board

Varghese (India) and Ushman (Pakistan) invited us to this tasty gathering

Michelle´s fundraising initiative to benefit the hurricane victims

Leo (Costa Rica) making sure Michelle (USA) knows how to count…

Dorothee´s place – Dorothee (Switzerland) and Israa (Sudan)

Lisa (Finland/Canada) and Asel (Kyrgyztan)- my faithful party buddies

 Ariga (Armenia)  and Blanesta (Canada)

Vertigo – building up to the pose 

oh yeah – the pose

 The Scandinavian blondies – I and Christine (Norway)

Ross (Canada) and Candy (USA)