United World College – Costa Rica

Today I visited the UWC of Costa Rica with Professor Eliana Carvalho and the Peace Education class. We met with Yaya, a former UPeace student, a Benin national, now teaching English and Conflict studies at the UWC. We got an introduction on the UWC movements, met some teachers and professors, ate in the cafeteria and then accidentally stumbled into the Former President of Costa Rica and Founder of UPeace, now appearantly a member of the UWC board. It´s funny how I keep on finding intersections between those two. Both movements have Nelson Mandela on their honorary boards among other Nobel Prize winners, both take such prize in their peacey orientation. When I arrived at UPeace I got this immense nostalgic feeling stirring in my guts but when I arrived at this little UWC, the euphoria was such that the students thought I was on drugs. Some students happened to be practicising their creative skills (part of their CAS activity) playing a number of different drum sets at once. These students complained about their higher levels and were worried about university applications… but how young, intelligent and idealist… they were beautiful inside out. We´re creating a buddy program between them and the UPeace students. Again, I´ll put up some video clips when I find out how to….

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