San José clubbing and Cahuita beaches

Last night I went with two other blondes to Escazú, the most Americanized part of San José. We had some drinks at a salsa club that was full of couples sitting at small tables… then there were the three singles, that´s us, sitting at the bar. We moved to the next club and there was no shortage of people to meet. While other foreigners were quick to approach us, the Ticos were more hesitant at first. But once when the Ticos started approaching us we had them in an overabundant supply and they are fantastic dancers, eager to teach the moves and throw you around. Because we liked the other ‘couples club’ a lot better, we brought a group of American and Costa Rican guys over there. When we returned I was the last one to be dropped of by the taxi, the driver trying to convince me to go somewhere else with him at 3 am. I was so happy and relieved when he dropped me off at my house that I gave him an extra large tip. My hostmother hadn´t explained exactly how to open the gate so I stood there for a good five minutes all confused until I saw the curtains move and heard some loud giggling… my hostmother comes out in her pyjamas, still giggling uncontrollably. She wakes up at four every morning!

San José is not really that beautiful of a city, Ciudad Colón where I live is a lot nicer. The students basically go to San José just for the clubs which are pretty nice given the large number of cute Costa Rican hotties attending them. Still, they don´t compare with the beach clubs. Last weekend I went to Cahuita Limón and that was fantastic! I have all those tourist guide´s invitations to go on free trips here and there. Then I met a girl that´s just about to open her own restaurant café who invited me to come stay in the bungalow in her garden. She happens to live in the biggest house in town with the most beautiful garden… a cat, four dogs, a 8 year old son and an american husband. She´s going to teach me surfing next time I go… we´ll see about that… I actually have some friends I could bring who want to learn as well. The only downside of my trip to Cahuita… was how I kicked the water input of the toilet out of place and how our big room filled with water in matter of minutes, my roommates woke up all disoriented (I had stayed longer at the bar with my new Costa Rican friends) and I had to call the manager and help him and his wife showel out the water at 2 a.m (at 4 o´clock according to the manager):S

EWWWW…. a spider in my bed! Reminds me… my hostmother says they (or should I say ‘we’) have a problem with tarantulas in the summers! I may not be afraid of angry street dogs but if I one day wake up with a huge tarantula climbing over my face – I´ll have a fit.

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