A beautiful landing in Costa Rica

This blog is inspired by my wonderful experience here in Costa Rica, powered by my need to share it all and made possible by my admin genius back in Iceland. I will have to outline the setting of my stay here and risk boring all my friends and family who´ve been receiving long e-eulogies of the Costa Rican people, UPeace students and staff.

I am interning the Centre of Executive and Professional Education located at the UN sponsored University for Peace (UPeace) in San José, Costa Rica. I am working under the guidance of Mohit Mukherjee, the director of the Centre, on marketing and fundraising. My stay here is sponsored by the World Leadership Corps (the WLC), a nonprofit service/ learning organization based on the idea that international volunteer service and cross-cultural living cna provide life-changing experiences for future global leaders. Beginning next week I will also be working through the UPeace Human Rights Centre with Centre for Justice and International Law (CEJIL) as a legal intern collaborating with attorneys on cases before the Inter-American Court of Justice. There are at least hundred other projects here I would like to become part of but can´t because of time constraints.

The WLC is sponsoring me for the next six months but I am liking it so much I will probably want to stay longer than that… so I will be actively on the look out for opportunities to extend my stay… say maybe possibly finding a paying job or applying to UPeace for my masters. I do want to begin my masters studies next fall, although I am still quite uncertain as to where to focus academically or where in the world to continue my studies. There are way to many things I want to be a part of right now – I see endless possibilities around and don´t want to be limited in any way. The last two weeks in Costa Rica have left me up in the skies… but what goes up has to come down at some point… or does it?

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